HUNTER has good spring grazing and first and second year yields. The variety combines these characteristics with a high sward density. This is remarkable because HUNTER is a tetraploid variety. Therefore HUNTER is an interesting variety for the forage production.

National listing/Official recommendation:

  • dense yielding variety
  • good spring grazing and first and second year yields
  • high sward density


Ploidy tetraploid
Ploidy tetraploid
Total Annual Yields
1st harvest year (% of 17.56 t DM/ha)102
2nd harvest year (% of 14.35 t DM/ha)97
Total yield: mean (% of 15.99 t DM/ha)99
Year of sowing (% of 2.03 t DM/ha) 99
1st and 2nd cut ME yield, first harvest year (% of 117 000 MJ/ha) 103
Seasonal Growth (1st harvest year)
Early spring growth (% of 1.66 t DM/ha)97
Conservation management
1st conservation cut (% of 6.37 t DM/ha)103
1st conservation cut D-Value 71.0
2nd conservation cut (% of 4.21 t DM/ha)105
2nd conservation cut D-Value64.2
Monthly cuts ( % of 5.39 t DM/ha) 98
Agronomic characters
Ground cover% (1st harvest year)55
Ground cover% (2nd harvest year)48
Autumn ground cover (1-9, 1=poor 9=good)3.5
Winter hardiness (1-9, 1=poor 9=good) 7.3
Disease resistance
Ryegrass mosaic virus (1-9, 1=poor 9=good)5.2
Mildew (1-9, 1=poor 9=good)6.7
Brown Rust (1-9, 1=poor 9=good)6.9
Crown Rust (1-9, 1=poor 9=good)5.7

Source: AHDB Italian Ryegrass Varieties Recommended List 2023/2024

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