Date: 18 September 2023
Group 4 hard wheat varieties DSV Champion and DSV Oxford have delivered outstanding results for both treated and untreated yields in the 2023 AHDB harvest results for currently recommended varieties with 30 trials sites now recorded.
Published on September 18th, the results show DSV Champion taking joint top spot for fungicide-treated yield with 106% of controls in both the one-year and five-year results.
The newly RL-listed DSV Oxford is not too far behind in both the one-year and five-year results with yields of 105% and 104% of controls, respectively
When it comes to untreated yields, DSV Oxford is the highest performing recommended variety with a one-year yield of 117% of untreated control with DSV Champion not too far behind at 114%.
DSV Champion also delivered an untreated yield of 113% in the five-year results.
"These results are exceptionally strong and underline the remarkable yield potential of both DSV Champion and DSV Oxford across a range of different growing seasons and in both high and low input production systems," says DSV's Sarah Hawthorne.
"It is no wonder both varieties have proven to be so popular for drilling this autumn and growers wishing to choose these varieties for harvest 2024 really need to do so without delay.
"In the current 2023/24 RL, DSV Champion is the top variety when drilled on heavy soils and second on light soils confirming its versatility and suitability to a wide range of sites.
'It's a great option for later planting, too, with one of the highest scores on the list for a late drilled situation and is the second highest yielding wheat on the RL when grown as either a first or second cereal."
As well as top level yield performance, DSV Oxford excels when it comes to grain quality and in-field reliability, she says
"It's a variety that combines high treated and untreated yields with a robust disease package, borne out of our Wardington-based breeding station’s relatively Westerly location, with a 9 for yellow rust resistance in the latest RL.
“This is complimented by a sound overall agronomic package including 6s for Mildew and Fusarium resistance with the added benefit of OWBM resistance."