Date: 06/2023

DSV Oxford becomes the company’s latest British-bred hard Group 4 winter wheat to join the AHDB Recommended List with a performance very close to the highest yielder in the class DSV Champion, says DSV UK’s Sarah Hawthorne.

“DSV Oxford is another success of our Wardington-based breeding programme combining high treated and untreated yields with a robust disease package borne out of our breeding station’s relatively Westerly location.

“Our focus in recent years has been on balancing high outright yield potential with consistency of production and robust agronomics focused on giving UK producers an added layer of security in an increasingly difficult production environment.

“Recommended for the East and West region, DSV Oxford follows DSV Theodore, still the cleanest wheat on the new 2023/24 AHDB RL, and the highest yielding hard Group 4 winter wheat DSV Champion sitting neatly between them in terms of performance and agronomics.”


Superb in-field reliability

As well as top tier yield performance, DSV Oxford is also a variety that excels when it comes to grain quality and in-field reliability, she points out.

“Its yield of 104% of controls sits just behind DSV Champion’s 106% with particularly strong performance seen in the West at 105% and a very strong overall untreated yield of 89%.

“Protein content is 11.3% which is exceptional for a such a high yielding Group 4 and specific weight is 76.0 kg/hl which is acceptable for this type of variety, particularly when taking into account its outright yield.

“On the disease resistance front, DSV Oxford scored one of the lowest incidences of Yellow rust in AHDB trials over recent years resulting in a 9 for Yellow rust resistance in the new RL.

“This is complimented by a sound overall agronomic package including 6s for Mildew and Fusarium resistance with the added benefit of OWBM resistance.”


Ultimate Barn Buster

Holding the world record for wheat yield, DSV Champion remains ‘the wheat to beat’ being the ultimate barn buster and topping the 2022/23 RL with the highest yield available overall, Sarah Hawthorne adds.

"Champion has a robust package for agronomics, disease resistance and grain quality and  boasts some of the best RL scores for yellow rust and Septoria, plus resistance to orange wheat blossom midge.

"It's the top variety when drilled on heavy soils and second on light soils confirming its versatility and suitability to a wide range of sites.

"DSV Champion is also a great option for later planting with one of the highest scores on the list for a late drilled situation and is the second highest yielding wheat on the RL when grown as either a first or second cereal."