Date: 22 August 2023

New candidate oilseed rape variety DSV Dolphin continues to lead the 2023 AHDB harvest results for one year gross output with nine trial sites up and down the country now recorded.

The results, published on August 22nd, show DSV Dolphin with a figure 107% of controls overall, with three sites recording gross output at 110% and more of controls.

"These are outstanding results for DSV Dolphin and point to its real potential for UK oilseed rape growers in the years ahead," says the company's Sarah Hawthorne.

"It's a classic high vigour DSV hybrid in a simple to grow package with a high output, strong protection against verticillium wilt and one of the best tolerances to sclerotinia available.

"It also has a very high resistance to lodging combined with strong to very strong stem stiffness that adds to its overall resilience in the field plus it features DSV Harvest Max protection traits."

DSV Matrix CL is still the highest gross output Clearfield variety in the 2023 harvest results at 94% of controls in the one year figures with the three year average sitting at 96%, she adds.

"This illustrates Matrix CL's consistency across some very different production years and underlines why it has quickly established itself as the most popular Clearfield variety in the UK.

"DSV Beatrix CL and DSV Miraculix CL are not too far behind either and DSV Crocodile remains the highest gross output clubroot protected variety at 94% and 98% of controls for one year and 2020 -23 average respectively."