Date: 09/2022

AHDB Harvest Results published on September 9th 2022 show the Group 4 hard winter wheat DSV Oxford being a worthy companion to the current RL’s highest yielding variety DSV Champion.

DSV Oxford’s one-year result of 11.84t/ha makes it a top-ten yielder just 0.4t/ha behind DSV Champion’s 12.24t/ha out of over 40 varieties in the trials with four of the sites recording yields of over 14t/ha for the variety.

At Terrington in Norfolk DSV Oxford delivered a yield of 15.83t/ha - just short of DSV Champion’s highest outright yield in the trials of 16.2t/ha.


Average yield (%)

Average yield (t/ha)

Yield Leics.


Yield Devon


Yield Lincs.


Yield Norfolk


DSV Oxford







Source: AHDB one-year harvest results 2022

“These are hugely impressive results for DSV Oxford and underline the real potential we believe this variety has for growers across the UK,” says DSV UK’s Sarah Hawthorne.

“As well as top tier yield performance DSV Oxford is also a variety that excels when it comes to grain quality, agronomic features and in-field reliability.

“Specific weights have averaged of 79.8kg/hl with a strong protein performance of 11.0% which is exceptional for a such a high yielding Group 4.

“On the disease resistance front, DSV Oxford scored one of the lowest incidences of yellow rust in the trials with an average of just 0.1% of plants being affected.

“It’s a similar picture for brown rust with just 2.5% of plants affected against a trial average of 7.6%.

“Septoria resistance was also well above the average of all varieties in the trials with just 12% of plants affected whilst some popular names were approaching 25% levels of infection.”


Specific weight


Yellow Rust

(% inc.)

Brown Rust (% inc.)

Septoria tritici

(% inc.)



DSV Oxford






Source: AHDB one-year harvest results 2022

DSV Oxford currently sits on 2022/23 AHDB candidate list with a UK average yield of 103.7% with particularly strong performance seen in the West at 105% and an overall untreated yield of 86%, Sarah Hawthorne adds.

“It’s a strong, well structured wheat standing at 84.6cm without PGRs so it’s going to be a tough contender in the more variable growing conditions now prevalent in the UK plus it will be an easy harvester, too.

“DSV Oxford also offers growers orange wheat blossom midge resistance and a dependable package of genetics delivering robust disease resistance with 6s for septoria and mildew plus, importantly, an 8 for yellow rust.

The variety is another success of the company’s breeding programme based at Wardington in Oxfordshire, she points out.

“This location has higher disease pressure than many others in the UK, so new wheat varieties emerging from it have greater exposure to more testing growing conditions and associated diseases.

“This gives the Wardington-bred varieties a level of versatility and consistency of production that helps them perform to their full potential in both higher input systems and more regenerative ones.

“This is abundantly clear in DSV Oxford. It’s a great all-rounder and a strong addition to our portfolio of ‘breakthrough’ varieties, offering growers a reliable and rewarding wheat perfectly suited to modern conditions and markets.”