Grass mixtures for profesionals

DSV has been breeding grasses for a wide range of applications for nearly 100 years. With our turfgrass varieties, we occupy top positions on the test lists in Europe. DSV varieties are used in football stadiums, horse racing tracks and golf courses all over the world. The newly established EuroGrass brand programme was developed for the European market and offers a mixture portfolio of the highest quality for professional use.

The basis of our EuroGrass mixtures are turf grasses from innovative grass breeding. We combine many years of experience in all grass species and knowledge of their properties, that they complement each other optimally in mixtures for the respective desired area of use.

EuroGrass mixtures are the basis for successful greening.

The development of amenity grass varieties is a long-term, costly and highly sophisticated business. Breeding (crossing, selecting and conducting trials) often takes ten years before a variety is ready for official/national testing. Subsequently seed multiplication and marketing takes time and investments.

DSV amenity grass varieties - the benefits at a glance:

  • Innovative research
  • Many years of skill in breeding
  • Top of the range varieties for all purposes
  • Ideal for use in mixtures
  • Wide product range for all requirements


Innovative grass mixtures for professional uses

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