Date: 12/2021
  • Highest yielding Clearfield variety on RL
  • New high yielding quad-layer clubroot resistant variety joins list
  • RL-listed DSV Dart introduces HarvestMax technology


DSV has three new hybrid oilseed rapes joining the 2022/23 AHDB RL combining high yields with a range of layered traits including multi-faceted yield protection technology, says the company’s Sarah Hawthorne.

DSV Matrix CL is the highest yielding Clearfield variety on the new RL, DSV Crossfit is the only new clubroot resistant variety to join the list whilst DSV Dart is the first variety to include HarvestMax technology in its trait set, she explains.

“These are all high performance new varieties designed to help growers make full use of the new-found confidence in oilseed rape production, wherever they are in the UK.”


DSV Matrix CL

DSV Matrix CL is DSV’s first quad-layered variety to join the RL combining Clearfield technology with turnip yellow virus (TUYV), RLM7+ phoma stem canker and pod shatter resistances, she points out.

“Recommended for the whole of the UK, the variety achieves 99% of full control yield giving it a treated gross output of just over 5t/ha which is exceptional for a Clearfield variety, especially as it also delivers an oil content of 45.8%.

“It gets an 8 for phoma stem canker resistance, a 6 for light leaf spot and 8s for resistance to lodging and stem stiffness, so it’s a good all-round reliable performer.

“DSV Matrix takes Clearfield performance within touching distance of the highest yielders on the new RL whilst offering all the proven benefits of better weed control and cleaner crops.”


DSV Crossfit CR

DSV Crossfit CR is the first ever variety on the RL which has strain specific resistance to clubroot and also has RLM7+ phoma stem canker and TuYV resistance, she points out

“With the addition of pod shatter resistance too, DSV Crossfit CR is the only quad-layered CR variety on the new RL.

“Recommended for the East/West region with a yield 99% of RL control, DSV Crossfit CR has c. 5t/ha yield potential with an outstanding oil content of 46.4% - the joint highest on the list.

“Its comprehensive trait set gives it a 9 for stem canker resistance – one of only two RL varieties to have such a high score - with an 8 for resistance to lodging and a 7 for stem stiffness.”

“It’s going to be really popular with growers who need a clubroot resistant type in their rotation but have been put off by the significant yield penalties and fragility that usually goes hand in hand with such varieties.”


DSV Dart

DSV Dart is the first oilseed rape variety to be listed that includes the company’s new HarvestMax technology, Sarah Hawthorne says.

“Recommended for the East/West region, DSV Dart has one of the highest yields on the new 2022/23 RL at 106% of control.

“It’s got a solid agronomic performance featuring 7s for resistance to light leaf spot and phoma stem canker, thanks to the inclusion of RLM7+, and it’s got TuYV resistance too.

“Oil content is 45.5% whilst an 8 for resistance to lodging and a 9 for stem stiffness, mean it’s a consistent performer in the field, but what makes DSV Dart really special is HarvestMax.

“DSV Dart has long, flexible pods to ensure maximum threshing performance and this is combined with a short and compact canopy structure, so the variety can be easily and quickly harvested with minimum seed loss.

“With classic DSV hybrid vigour in addition, DSV Dart is a modern-age post neonicotinoid variety with features that will give growers real security and reliability of yield in the future.”