Date: 06/2024

Mark Simmons, Course Manager at Monmouthshire Golf Club in Abergavenny, embarked on a journey of trial and evaluation to find the perfect grass seed for the club's greens. After extensive experimentation, Mark concluded that DSV’s PRO Bent grass seed was the optimal solution.


DSV’s PRO Bent is emerging as a game-changer in turf management, boasting remarkable density, drought tolerance, and adaptability for close mowing. Comprised solely of high-quality Browntop bent, PRO Bent from the DSV EuroGrass range is tailor-made for summer/autumn overseeding and species exchange operations, aligning perfectly with Monmouthshire's vision for superior greens.


EuroGrass, the pinnacle of over a decade of breeding and testing, stands as a testament to DSV's commitment to excellence in turf grass quality. With a diverse portfolio of over 90 approved turf varieties worldwide, EuroGrass offers tailored solutions for professional use across various sporting landscapes, solidifying its position as an industry frontrunner in turf innovation.


Mark's meticulous approach to seed selection involved a series of rigorous trials conducted over several months. Armed with soil samples and a passion for perfection, Mark evaluated seven seed varieties from different manufacturers, subjecting them to various conditions to assess their performance. "I didn’t want to just do the trial with some sand and a pot," Mark explains. "I wanted to do it specifically for my site."


"I took the soils from my greens, put them in pots, and used all the different seeds to see which ones germinated and established the best," Mark elaborates. “Once they established, I regularly trimmed the grass in the pots to simulate them being cut at 4mm; I over-watered them to see how they would cope with too much rain; I dried them out to see how they would deal with drought; I even put some disease on them and sprayed various treatments to see how each seed responded to treatments.”


“Once the trial had finished, I carried out the trial again just to make sure. On both occasions, the results showed that DSV PRO Bent was the best seed for my greens.”


Reflecting on the process, Mark emphasises the importance of thorough research in turf management. "Choosing the correct seed is not just about investing money—it's about investing in the future of the course," he says. "With seed, it could be great at one course but might not be as effective at another. This is why data and trial work are crucial."


"The sward density of the DSV PRO Bent seed was a standout feature for me," Mark notes. "I wanted a dense sward, and the DSV seed delivered. If it was thin, then it simply wasn’t going to last."


Mark purchased the DSV seed from Rhys Norville at ReGen Amenity, someone who he claims has become a key partner in providing invaluable products, support, and expertise. "Rhys is not a pushy salesman," Mark praises. “I work closely with him on a variety of products which are all tailored to what I like. We do a lot of data collection together as well. He even helped me drag mat my greens recently – and you can’t ask for much more than that!”


Mark's commitment to finding the perfect seed highlights the importance of thorough research in selecting compatible products for golf course maintenance. With PRO Bent from DSV's EuroGrass range now enhancing Monmouthshire's greens, the club is set to reap the rewards of Mark’s meticulous selection process.