Date: 03/2024

In the world of turf grass breeding, one name stands out as a beacon of innovation and excellence – Deutsche Saatveredelung AG, otherwise known as DSV. With a rich history spanning over six decades, DSV has been at the forefront of cultivating and refining turf grass varieties that have featured in Europe's most prestigious stadiums. Now, with a renewed focus on conquering the UK market, DSV introduces Eurograss, a testament to their commitment to superior quality and unmatched performance.

The journey of Eurograss traces back to the humble beginnings of turf grass breeding at DSV. Established in 1965 with the merger of Nordwestdeutsche Futtersaatbaugesellschaft in Bremen (NFG), DSV laid the foundation for a legacy of excellence in turf grass cultivation. Over the years, meticulous breeding programmes at DSV's state-of-the-art stations in Asendorf, Germany, and Les Rosiers, France, have produced a diverse range of turf grass varieties tailored to meet the varying needs of different regions and usage patterns.

Tailored Excellence: DSV's Turf Grass Breeding Philosophy

At the heart of DSV's success lies a relentless pursuit of perfection in turf grass breeding. The breeding objectives are finely tuned to cater to specific usage directions, whether it be for home lawns, ornamental purposes, sports arenas, or landscape applications. This bespoke approach ensures that each turf species meets the exact standards of durability, density, and resilience required for its intended purpose.

A hallmark of DSV's turf grass breeding programme is its unwavering commitment to innovation and adaptability. In response to evolving environmental dynamics, such as climate change, DSV has proactively integrated traits like drought tolerance and disease resistance into its breeding objectives. This forward-thinking approach has led to the development of groundbreaking varieties like Europitch, Eurobeat, Eurocarina, Tasida and Regenerate which excel under the toughest conditions, ensuring lush greenery even in the face of adversity.

Testing the Limits: Striking the Right Cord

Central to DSV's success is its rigorous testing regime, overseen by leading experts like Cord Schumann, the head DSV turf breeder in Asendorf. Each candidate undergoes comprehensive evaluations over several years to assess its suitability for different applications. From deep cutting assessments to cleat roller simulations mimicking the wear and tear of sports activities, every aspect of turf performance is scrutinised with meticulous precision. Cord’s unique sensory test, where he walks barefoot over the turf plots, epitomises DSV's hands-on approach to quality assurance, ensuring that only the finest varieties make it to market.

Setting the Standard: Eurograss in the Global Arena

The culmination of over a decade of breeding and testing is evident in Eurograss. With over 90 DSV turf varieties approved worldwide, Eurograss has firmly established itself as the gold standard in turf grass quality. Notably, Eurograss varieties feature prominently in prestigious recommendation lists like the British Society of Plant Breeders Limited (BSPB) list, reaffirming their status as industry leaders in turf innovation.

As Eurograss sets its sights on the UK market, it brings with it a legacy of excellence and a promise of unparalleled quality. With a comprehensive range of cultivars tailored to suit every need and environment, Eurograss is poised to revolutionise the UK turf industry, one blade at a time.