Date: 06/2020
New DSV Voltage’s top gross margin in both UK and East & West HGCA 20/21 candidate lists combined with agronomic features optimised for modern low-input production could make it a future game-changer, says the company’s Sarah Hawthorne.
A gross margin of 108.1 % of control in the key East and West region, oil content of 45.5%, TuYV resistance plus the highest light leaf spot score of all new candidates, makes it a near perfect option for growers, she believes.
“Voltage combines the very best features of current high performing oilseed rape varieties from production and economic viewpoints and puts them in a single package that has genuine UK-wide versatility.
“As well as a gross margin of 104.9% of control for the UK as a whole, Voltage’s hybrid PNN (post-neonicotinoid) genetics gives it exceptional autumn and spring vigour and a Light Leaf Spot score gives of 7.3 makes it ideally suited for Northern conditions.”
Scores of 8.3 for lodging, 8.0 for stem stiffness and a relatively compact height of 158cm mean it will be a resilient variety able to withstand the range of growing conditions often experienced in the UK, she adds.
“Voltage will be a good first choice oilseed rape variety for most producers in the UK based on its reliability and high production potential but its TuYV resistance could make it even more attractive in the future.
“Recent tests carried out in conjunction with NIAB and the University of Warwick suggest over 90% of UK oilseed rape now carries Turnip yellows virus and yield losses attributed to this in Europe have reached as high as 30%.
“The myzus persicae aphids that transmit the virus are increasingly difficult to control with AHDB research showing their numbers are rising and the proportion containing the virus is increasing too, so it’s a real problem.”
With strong oilseed rape prices currently, Voltage’s combination of reliable high yields and and exceptional oil content could maximise returns, she says.
“At an oilseed rape price of £400/tonne, every 1% of oil above 40% is worth around £6 so Voltage could add another £30 - £35/t to very tonne you produce.
“That’s the equivalent of adding almost another half tonne of production if you’re achieving a yield of 5.0t/ha – something which Voltage has more than showed it is capable of in trials across the country this year.”