Date: 16 August 2023

Hot on the heels of delivering the highest one year gross margin in the first AHDB harvest results for 2023, DSV Dolphin is now being singled out for its 'particularly low' incidence of verticillium leaf stripe.

The variety is showing the best performance of all new candidate winter oilseed rape varieties when it comes to resistance to verticillium stem stripe, according to AHDB trials.

From 2024/25 the AHDB RL will include information on the resistance of winter oilseed rape varieties to the condition with data from this year’s trials being released in 2023 harvest results.

A good range of disease levels has been recorded which has proved fairly consistent between trials with clear differences between varieties being seen when it comes to resistance, the AHDB reports.

Of the new candidate varieties coming forward, DSV Dolphin has been singled out as having 'particularly low' incidences of verticillium being seen.

"These are very promising results for DSV Dolphin," says DSV's Sarah Hawthorne.

"The variety has already achieved the highest one-year yield in the first AHDB winter oilseed rape harvest results for 2023 with a one-year gross output of 109.4% of controls, some 3.2% above the next highest yielder.

"Its 2020 - 2023 average gross output was just 1.6% behind the highest at the sites in Lincolnshire, Suffolk and Herefordshire and its verticillium scores look like adding further credibility to what is already looking like a very high performing newcomer."